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Happy belated birthday, [ profile] talullahred! The wish is late, but it's sincere. I hope you had a wonderful day!

Happy birthday
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Happy birthday, [ profile] silver_trails!  I hope you have a wonderful day!  *hugs*

Happy birthday
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It's [ profile] aprilmoon08's birthday! Happy birthday Leigh, I hope you had a wonderful day!
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Why oh why are so many Witcher fics on AO3 not yet translated to English from Polish? I need a serious Geralt fix and have not yet learned (HA) to speak Polish. *sob*
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Happy birthday [ profile] island_of_reil! I hope you had a wonderful day.
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This year, for the first time ever, I'm going to offer holiday drabbles and ficlets for my friends. I'll write in Tolkien (Hobbit, LotR, Silm), Nightrunner, or Shadow of the Templar fandoms, any rating, and any genre (slash, het, or gen).

If you would like one, please list:
pairing or characters
two (or more) keywords or elements that you would like included

Please bear in mind that I am very rusty at writing, so please be gentle. And that it may take until next holiday to complete. *grin*

Comments are screened.


Nov. 24th, 2014 10:01 am
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Oh Yahoo Mail, you miserable piece of shit. Whyyyyyyy do you do this to me???

*kicks things*
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It's 25 degrees outside. I've been freezing all day, and it's only mid November. It's going to be a long freaking winter.
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Darn, I missed last week's Whining Wednesday.  >.<

*points to icon* This is my new 21st century Glorfindel. He's pretty, no?

Booey turned 17 yesterday. I can't believe it. We got him speakers for his car and an ultra-cool New England Patriots tee-shirt, and I made him his request for dinner:  steak, pan-fried potatoes, and asparagus, with a spice cake with cream cheese frosting for dessert. Sunday's dinner with my parents was penne with a sausage and meatball casserole, and a French silk pie. The child is spoiled, no? *grin*  In the spring he's going to be looking at colleges. Did I mention I can't believe that my baby is 17????

Dad had his biopsy yesterday. Mom said he did fine, with no complications except some fairly heavy bleeding, which I guess is normal. They won't have official news until December 5. That seems like a long time to me. I'm trying to keep calm, but it's not easy after what happened to my father-in-law.

Speaking of father-in-law, for Thanksgiving we're traveling down to Massachusetts to stay with The Steve's mother. This will be her first major holiday since his dad died. Thanksgiving has always been her favorite, rated even above Christmas. She LOVES Thanksgiving and does it up big. She's going to try and do it by herself this year. I wish we could go on Wednesday so I could help out, but I have to work so we won't be driving down until early Thursday morning. She really struggled for the first months and cried all the time, but she's doing well now. We always had a bit of a strained relationship, as she was always a bit distant (her knickname among The Steve's friends used to be Stoneface), but she's quite friendly these days and we actually get along very well now. I even call her occasionally just to chat. Yes, it shocks me too!

I am so freaking sick of waking up at 3am. No real reason for it, I just wake up and semi-doze until 6, when I have to get up for work. The Steve says I should just get up and hit the treadmill then instead of taking a break during the work day, but HAHAHAHA no.

I got a new haircut today, and dahlings, I must admit it looks fabulous. :)

Hope everyone else is doing well.
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Happy birthday, dear [ profile] aglarien1!  (and to my Booey too, who shares your special day!)

Thank you for everything you do. The fandom appreciates you, and I appreciate your steadfast friendship. Have a wonderful, blessed day.

*hugs tight*
Happy birthday


Nov. 17th, 2014 08:16 pm
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Only in fandom would it be considered completely normal to discuss what type of underwear Elves might wear. *snort*


Nov. 11th, 2014 01:21 pm
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I am really finding humor in the fact that of the fics I've recently posted on AO3, the one with the most hits is the most potentially squick-worthy. Apparently there are a lot of Legolas/Gimli shippers on that archive. *rofl*
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Where do people post LotR fics these days? Besides OEAM, of course. Last night on my flash drive I found one completed fic from a past swap that was never posted anywhere but the Slashy Santa journal. Oops. :O


Nov. 9th, 2014 01:55 pm
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I know I said I wasn't going to do this meme because the list was too long and potentially depressing, but [ profile] chaotic_binky had a great idea. Post the names, but underline the ones I don't plan to finish. That takes some of the pressure off. Supposedly. I'm still feeling kind of freaked out about the length of the list, though!

Post the names of all the files in your WIP folder, regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous.

Ask about one and I'll tell you something about it, or post a snippet.

Ask away. I'll even answer questions about the underlined ones and if asked, explain why I've abandoned it.

  • Going Home

  • In the Face of Fear

  • Of Books and Bindings

  • The Beginning of Forever

  • Who Better to Love

  • Arwen

  • Better Than Chocolate

  • Electrical Storm

  • Fumbling Towards Ecstasy

  • Gildor-Lindir

  • in a timeless void

  • in the deep of the night

  • Lorien Marchwardens

  • neglected mate

  • original

  • Slave to Love

  • the muted moonlight that filtered through the arches

  • Tiriadon (Min don't read this LOL)

  • twin letters

  • untitled_Elrond_Elladan_Elrohir

  • With friends like these_043007

  • Bits and Bobs for other stories

  • Your Only

  • SotT (Shadow of the Templar fandom)

  • From the Fire (KEILISS SHUT UP)

I've realized, also, that at least a few of these are substantially complete. *facepalm*


Nov. 7th, 2014 05:35 pm
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I'm not doing the WIP meme, because there are at least 20 WIPs saved on my flash drive, and if I look at them and list them, then someone may ask about one of them, then I'm going to start thinking about it, and then I'm going to start looking at all the files, and then I'm not going to finish any of them, and then I'm going to feel guilty, and that will make me sad, and that will make me cry, and then my mascara will run and my eyes will be all puffy and then my life will be ruined. RUINED, I say. All because of a meme.
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The post for today is...


It's what's for dinner. In an omelette with cheese. Mmm good.

No, seriously. I think I can manage a bit more than that before dinner's ready.

Let's see. This week I joined a new RPG. It's just getting off the ground now, but it looks like fun. It's very different than anything I've done before. I haven't written a word in at least three years, so it's a bit of a shock at how much I've forgotten.

We had the threat of a snowstorm over the weekend. On Friday we mowed the lawn for the last time and raked the leaves. On Sunday the forecast called for 8" of snow. We got a half-inch. Woo.

Booey spent some of his savings to replace the speakers in 'his' car over the weekend. (My old car but is primarily the one he drives.) He thinks he's all that now. *eye roll* He's counting the days until he turns 17, and the weeks until he's past the 9-month probation period for new drivers and can begin to carry passengers. I, on the other hand, am not so excited at the prospect of a carload of 17 year old boys bombing around. He's a great kid, but it's still terrifying.

Mmm. Bacon's ready. Time to make the omelette.

Can I get any more random? *lol*
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Happy birthday, [ profile] alexcat! I hope you had a wonderful day!

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I really need to get better at this thing they call posting. Maybe I need a designated day each week to just brain dump. Not that there's much brain to dump these days.

Let's see... Moaning Monday? Whining Wednesday? Fretting Friday?
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WOO, I'm not late! =D

Happy happy (on time!) birthday to my dearest darling much-loved and much-missed [ profile] minuial_nuwing! I hope you had a wonderful day, dearest!

*hugs* *snorzles*
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Happy birthday [ profile] phyncke! The post ain't fancy, but the wish is sincere. I hope you have a great day! *hugs(


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